Looking for a Trust Exercise? Try Rock Climbing

Our activity of the past month was rock climbing. My husband and I bought a Groupon for unlimited visits for a month and we went as many times as we could go. Rock climbing is a partner sport and is a perfect trust exercise for couples. It is possible to do it alone – solo climbing – but that’s for the dare devils. One of … Continue reading Looking for a Trust Exercise? Try Rock Climbing

Kickboxing Strengthens Bodies & Relationships

My husband and I have been attending kickboxing classes with Ilovekickboxing for the past few months and we love it. Honestly, it is a strenuous workout – even hubby has to sit down a couple times during class – but it’s a fun workout and your body will thank you. My mom doesn’t really understand us kickboxing. She asked why we are kicking boxes when … Continue reading Kickboxing Strengthens Bodies & Relationships