Looking for a Trust Exercise? Try Rock Climbing

Our activity of the past month was rock climbing. My husband and I bought a Groupon for unlimited visits for a month and we went as many times as we could go. Rock climbing is a partner sport and is a perfect trust exercise for couples. It is possible to do it alone – solo climbing – but that’s for the dare devils. One of … Continue reading Looking for a Trust Exercise? Try Rock Climbing

Mission 50 – 2: Oklahoma

Our second road trip was to Oklahoma City. When we told family that we were taking a trip to Oklahoma, they were all like “why, what’s in Oklahoma?” Someone even asked if ‘going to Oklahoma’ was code for making a baby. Haha, no. We really had no expectations, but thought that every city has something to offer regardless of how big or small. OKC pleasantly … Continue reading Mission 50 – 2: Oklahoma