Mission 50 – 3: Georgia

We had to go to Georgia to renew my Nigerian passport. The other two options are DC and New York, but flights to Atlanta were the lowest at the time.

Going to the Nigerian embassy in Atlanta was an experience on it’s own because it feels like the process should be easier/better. They say “Naija no dey carry last”, but Naija also no dey very organized.

I met a guy who flew in from Houston that morning for the appointment and was catching a flight back that same night. I told my husband if we had gone to Atlanta just for the passport appointment, I would be mad.

So of course, we had to ginger it. I wanted to do as many things that we could do in a short amount of time.

Seize the opportunity.

World of Coke

Learn about Coca-Cola’s history from newly invented drink to global brand. The building cost about $97 million. It’s a fun interactive museum.

World of Coke

Centennial Olympic Park

Home of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Phase 1 of construction was completed just in time for the Games at a cost of $28 million. This 21-acre park is a good place to relax, go for walks, attend events, etc.

Centennial Olympic park

Trap Music Museum & Escape Room

We had conflicting feelings about this. The museum is cool, the escape room was fun, and we love trap music, but the trap culture behind it is saddening. Check this place out and get a better understanding of the history of trap music and how it has evolved. We shouldn’t glorify the trap, but we should celebrate when people escape from it.

Trap music museum

Stone Mountain Park

The history of Stone Mountain is very controversial due to the confederacy and KKK, but it is now one of the most visited sites in Georgia. We trekked the trail up to the summit, which is about 1,686 ft above sea level. Definitely a good workout with beautiful views.

Stone Mountain

There was also a pop up art and music show that happened to be at a venue next door to where we ate dinner one night.

We love being in creative spaces. It was basically a family affair as most of the performers and vendors were related or close friends. It’s always refreshing to see a strong community of melanated people supporting each other in fun environments.

Atlanta is booming and is basically the US black mecca. I went to college there and was glad I was able to go back again. There is so much to do and we had a good time.

What’s your favorite part about Atlanta? Let me know if you’re planning to visit.

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