Kickboxing Strengthens Bodies & Relationships

My husband and I have been attending kickboxing classes with Ilovekickboxing for the past few months and we love it. Honestly, it is a strenuous workout – even hubby has to sit down a couple times during class – but it’s a fun workout and your body will thank you.

My mom doesn’t really understand us kickboxing. She asked why we are kicking boxes when a baby should be kicking in my stomach? Lol! Seriously.

There are many benefits of kickboxing and I definitely recommend spouses doing it together at least once.

The obvious benefit is to build stronger bodies. Our classes include 15 minutes of straight cardio, sequences on the bag, sparring with your partner, and stretching. It is a full body workout strengthening the core, arms, and legs.

By the way, stretching is so good. It helps increase flexibility, prevent injury, and decrease soreness after working out.

Building muscles and flexibility is perfect for couples to do together. You may notice your bodies changing for the better, stimulating increased attraction to each other. As we start to feel stronger, we also become more confident. Confidence is attractive, too. Flexibility may also come in handy during intimate times *wink wink*, so don’t forget to stretch.

Kickboxing is a great stress reliever and helps in relationships. Hitting the bag allows you to release pent up frustration or anger you may not even know you had. Before one of our classes, I felt so annoyed and upset about a conversation we were having earlier in the day. As we proceeded to jab, cross, uppercut, roundhouse kick, I put all my tense, negative energy into the bag and started to feel lighter. I was feeling better.

We still had to continue our conversation to resolve whatever the issue was, but communication is also strengthened by kickboxing. Go figure.

Communication is important when sparring with your partner. You talk about the planned sequence of hits and develop an understanding for what each person is supposed to do. You learn to give and receive feedback. You also show that you care for your partner when you remind them to guard their face. Without good communication, one or both of you could potentially get hit in the head. That would not be fun.

Being active and healthy together is fun!

Fitandme goes into detail about various benefits of kickboxing, if you want to know more.

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