Mission 50 – 2: Oklahoma

Our second road trip was to Oklahoma City. When we told family that we were taking a trip to Oklahoma, they were all like “why, what’s in Oklahoma?” Someone even asked if ‘going to Oklahoma’ was code for making a baby. Haha, no.

We really had no expectations, but thought that every city has something to offer regardless of how big or small.

OKC pleasantly surprised us. The city has invested in tourism and there is more to see besides a Thunder game.

If you ever visit OKC, check out the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. I can’t even describe the tragedy of the bombing that happened in 1995; it’s sad. The memorial is beautiful and the interactive museum does an excellent job of making you feel the gravity of the event. It’s definitely a site to see and experience.

Oklahoma City bombing memorial

Oklahoma City Memorial

Oklahoma City bombing memorial

Representing the 168 lives lost in the bombing

But that’s not the only thing. There’s a nice river walk in Bricktown with restaurants, games, and water taxis. We also visited Myriad Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Art. Who said field trips are only for schools? If we had more time, we would have gone white water rafting at Riversport Rapids.

Myriad botanical gardensOklahoma museum of artOklahoma city street art

What’s your favorite part about Oklahoma City? If you haven’t been, do you feel more inclined to go?

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