Mission 50 – 1: Texas

Spoiler alert: “Texas is the best of the fifty nifty United States”

My husband and I have indivially visited multiple states, but we decided to start a count as a pair and visit all 50 together. We thought this would be a fun long term goal that we can maintain and check off as we go through our marriage.

If you’re an overachiever, the grandiose version of this goal would be to visit all 190+ countries of the world. That would be amazing. Good luck.

Our first state was Texas. Although we live here, it counts as a visit because we traveled outside of our home metroplex to experience a different environment together. We took our first road trip from Dallas to Austin.

Austin mural art

There are many major cities in Texas, each having much to offer. Austin is the capital and is known for keeping it weird. It’s a good type of weird, though – except for the part where someone thought we could get them drugs.

We partied on 6th Street with friends, looked at Barton Springs Pool, strolled through Zilker Park, and got creative at Graffiti Park.

Austin graffiti art park
Graffiti Park, Austin, Tx 2018

I definitely recommend looking up cool and unique things to do or see in any city you visit because that keeps trips more interesting.

With a mix of Southern charm, good vibes, and Tex-Mex, Texans know how to Ginger It. What are your favorite things to do in Texas?

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