Nock and Loose: 4 Reasons Why Archery is Good for Date Night

When it comes to date night, dinner and a movie is a classic. We actually do this a couple Tuesdays every month (Studio Movie Grill has discounted tickets on Tuesdays – yeah we like to remain within budget).

But of course, it’s good to try something different every once in a while. We recently went to an archery range with a group of friends and had a great time. We’re gonna go back for one of our date nights. Besides the benefit of pretending like you’re training for Game of Thrones, archery has some nice health and social benefits.

1. Helps improve focus

Some focus is definitely needed in order to nock your arrow, make sure it doesn’t fall off, ignore distractions, get the right form, aim for the target, and loose your arrow. As you focus, your mind practices the art of remaining calm in stressful situations, which is helpful in relationships. Also, if you or your date is feeling nervous or tense, you can symbolically put those feelings into the arrows and as you loose you can really let loose.

Archery date night
I’m focused, man..
2. Strengthens upper body

To properly draw an arrow, your entire upper body should be engaged. After repeatedly shooting arrows, your body may start to feel like a warrior, you will feel more attractive, and your partner will see it too. Nothing says date night like muscle tension in arms, shoulders, chest, and core.

Archery date night
Look at that form
3. Promotes positive social skills

As you nock and loose with your partner, the arrows will provide opportunities to encourage each other. Take them. Great job! Just a little more to the left. You got it! Examples of simple but effective words that you can say to create a positive relationship environment. Even if you suck at shooting arrows, it’s nice to have someone sucking with you or uplifting you to do better.

4. Builds confidence

Aiming for the target and using your hands to make the arrow go where your eyes want it to go is the goal. With practice, observational skills and hand-eye coordination improves. You should notice that you’re increasing in accuracy or getting closer to the bulls eye, therefore giving you a confidence boost and increasing self-esteem. Confidence is perfect for date night. People with higher self-esteem tend to have healthier and more secure relationships.

What do you think? Have you done archery before? Will you try it for date night?

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