Figuring Out Marriage

Encountering a person who you choose to live life with is a beautiful thing. When I was younger, thoughts of marriage and settling down would almost make me sick. Why? Because I was really enjoying my life as a single lady with no kids and I didn’t want anybody holding me back. Sidenote: If you’re feeling stifled in your marriage, or any form of relationship, I suggest having some conversations or making some alterations that promote self-esteem and help you rather than hinder you. But as I got older, I realized that marriage and children are not things meant to hold me back. They are meant to strengthen, uplift, challenge, and grow me to new levels. Luckily, I was blessed to marry someone who not only accepts me as is, but also encourages me to be a better version of myself.

Oftentimes, there may be a transition after the wedding. The honeymoon period is filled with butterflies and kisses and arguments. Newlywed couples face adjustments that come with living together, blending families, unifying lives, etc. And there is no one right way to deal with these changes. We gradually learn various methods of how to communicate, understand, and share. Sharing – some people are better at this than others, but marriage forces us all to do it since we have to share emotions, finances, families, and more.

One of our marriage motives is to share more fun. Relaxing and watching TV on the couch is fun, but we also try to incorporate more activities into the mix. Monotonous routines are comfortable and even necessary; however, experiencing new things together gives the brain natural hits of dopamine and oxytocin, i.e. makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you live well. I don’t know about you, but I like feeling good, so I decided to chronicle some of our activities and experiences with hopes of keeping consistent and encouraging others to do the same. Let’s all live well!

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