How an Introvert Handles Conflict

Conflict is inevitable even in healthy relationships. Embracing conflict in marriage is not always easy, especially for an introvert like me. I hate confrontation and I would always prefer to say nothing than to converse about disagreements or hurt feelings. Naturally, I am more of a thinker than a talker. However, as I have gotten older, I have realized that I cannot always operate this … Continue reading How an Introvert Handles Conflict

Looking for a Trust Exercise? Try Rock Climbing

Our activity of the past month was rock climbing. My husband and I bought a Groupon for unlimited visits for a month and we went as many times as we could go. Rock climbing is a partner sport and is a perfect trust exercise for couples. It is possible to do it alone – solo climbing – but that’s for the dare devils. One of … Continue reading Looking for a Trust Exercise? Try Rock Climbing

It’s Never too Late to Start

Sometimes we may think that we’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, strong enough, (fill in the blank) enough… but in those times, we need to tell our brains to shut up. One of the worst things we can do is compare ourselves with other people. There is a fine line between using someone else’s achievements as motivation for yourself to do … Continue reading It’s Never too Late to Start

Kickboxing Strengthens Bodies & Relationships

My husband and I have been attending kickboxing classes with Ilovekickboxing for the past few months and we love it. Honestly, it is a strenuous workout – even hubby has to sit down a couple times during class – but it’s a fun workout and your body will thank you. My mom doesn’t really understand us kickboxing. She asked why we are kicking boxes when … Continue reading Kickboxing Strengthens Bodies & Relationships

Mission 50 – 2: Oklahoma

Our second road trip was to Oklahoma City. When we told family that we were taking a trip to Oklahoma, they were all like “why, what’s in Oklahoma?” Someone even asked if ‘going to Oklahoma’ was code for making a baby. Haha, no. We really had no expectations, but thought that every city has something to offer regardless of how big or small. OKC pleasantly … Continue reading Mission 50 – 2: Oklahoma

How I Realized that Constructive Criticism Isn’t Bad

The other day my husband and I were discussing some issues in our communication and he stated that it seemed like I can’t be corrected. He found himself wary of pointing things out or giving me constructive criticism because I would get defensive or upset. I know I can be stubborn at times, but I thought his perspective was interesting. My response: It’s because I’m … Continue reading How I Realized that Constructive Criticism Isn’t Bad

Nock and Loose: 4 Reasons Why Archery is Good for Date Night

When it comes to date night, dinner and a movie is a classic. We actually do this a couple Tuesdays every month (Studio Movie Grill has discounted tickets on Tuesdays – yeah we like to remain within budget). But of course, it’s good to try something different every once in a while. We recently went to an archery range with a group of friends and … Continue reading Nock and Loose: 4 Reasons Why Archery is Good for Date Night